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Last night, I had my first cemetery sex experience — and let me tell you, it was fun as hell! anal porno Okay, let me admit that I had a few beers before this all went down. What had happened was (lol), my FWB and I were at a party and we decided to bail and have our own party ~wink~wink~. A cemetery in an urban forest was the chosen destination of the night. Where I live, there are lots of forest fires going on and the air is very smoky. In the forest cemetery, the smoke looks foggy and makes it even creepier, which for me, made it even more of a turn on. Anyway, we walked inside a ways and then he spun me around and our dance began. We played around for a few minutes and then he took me doggy style. So fun! We took a selfie doing this !! (u can see it below) My FWB is awesome at what he does! Today, he texted me and said, “OMG! I felt like a wolf in that cemetery last night! I almost howled at the moon when I came!” I SO wish he had howled at the moon while we were f/cking. OH that would’ve been AMAZING! Anyway, that’s my story without the gritty details. If you’re thinking I might have some kind of paranormal fetish or something, yeah… I agree with you. The idea of going ghost hunting makes me VERY excited